Keep in mind that by default, team members are able to make payments to vendors and send invoices to customers. 

If you'd like to set  permissions for your team, please contact us.

Okay, how do I invite my colleagues?

If this is your first time inviting a member, and you're still following the guide, click "Invite" to the right of "Invite your team". Otherwise, go to your account settings here.

You'll be shown a list of all current team members. Since no one has been invited to your company yet, it will only list yourself.

Select "Invite a team member", then fill out your colleague's email address and first and last name. Then, click "Send invite".

You'll see a confirmation from Routable that an email was sent inviting your colleague. 

Until the colleague accepts said invite, their name will show under "Pending invites" on the "Team members" table.

Your colleague will receive an email notifying them about their invitation. It will look similar to the above picture. To accept the invitation, they'll click "Join the team".

Once your colleague fills in their name, address, and agrees to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, they can join the team by selecting "Awesome, create my account".

You will get an email confirming that your colleague has joined the team, looking similar to the above image.

Now, in "Account settings", under "Team members", Routable will show the names of all current team members.

Select "Invite a team member" on this page invite all additional team members.

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