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How to join a team once you have been invited
How to join a team once you have been invited

A quick guide to accepting a team member invite

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You should have either been informed that you have been invited to become a team member of an existing Routable account or have seen the email. Either way, let's accept that invite so we can become a team member!

Your email should have a big green button saying:

"Join the **Company name** team."

The email will direct you to a signup page:

The company URL and your email address will be filled out for you and are unchangeable.

You can however change your first and last name. 

Note: Remember your team URL. All team members will need this to log in as well as their username and password.

Your password should contain at least 8 characters. Be sure to not repeat words or simply use "password" as these are considered weak passwords. Using special characters, numbers and capital letters might make the password stronger.

Can I read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies before agreeing to them? 

Yes! Both are direct links that will open up in a different tab within the browser so you do not lose your progress.

Once you have read through them click the check box to agree and then click the Awesome, create my account button.

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