How to verify a bank account

For accounts added with micro-deposits to account and routing numbers

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Why do I need to verify my bank account?If you choose to add a bank via your account and routing numbers instead of logging in through the portal, we'll need you to verify that the numbers you entered match a bank account that you have access to.
We'll send two small deposits (under $1.00) to the provided account number. To verify, you'll prove that the account is yours by telling us what those two amounts were. That way, no money is debited or credited to the wrong account. 

Okay, what do I need to do?

Once you've added your account, you'll notice that Routable lists it as inactive, like this:

You'll receive an email telling you of Routable's deposits mentioned above. It'll look similar to this:

There's nothing for you to do yet. This email is just for your records.

When the deposits have posted to your bank statement, you'll receive an additional email with further instructions. This may take 1-3 days.

Select the green button labeled "Verify bank account" to be transported into Bank connections.

Check your bank statement for the previous few days, and look for any transactions from Routable.
Enter the two micro-deposit amounts you see in your bank statement into their respective boxes in the Routable dashboard, and select "Verify payment method"

Notice that your payment method has gone from "Unverified" in yellow, to "Verified" in green! You're now able to use this payment method for future transactions. 

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