How to send a payment

A quick guide on how to send a payment

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While logged in to your account, you can click the New drop down menu in the top left corner and select Payment: Send a payment.

Sending a payment:


Step 1: Select a company
Start off by typing in a company name. 

If you typed in a new company then three fields will popup under the company name allowing you to type in:

  • Contact's email

  • Contact's first name

  • Contact's last name

Note: If you have already sent or received a payment from this company then the email
and name will be filled in automatically.

Step 2:  Add payment details
Next you will need to type in an amount and reference. If you would like to add an invoice number or attach a file you can; both are optional. 

Step 3: Payment method and bank account
Now you have the option to select a payment method if you want to specify one or allow the vendor to select it later. 

  • First option is Bank Transfer in which you will need to type in their routing number, account number and bank name. 

  • Second option is to send a check directly where you will need to fill in their full address. 

  • Third option is to Ask Vendor to add payment info (more below).

What if I don't have their account number and I do not want to send a check?

No problem at all. You can simply keep it as it was by selecting Ask Vendor to add payment info

Note: Once a payment has been made, Warren will remember the payment method for that
company next time.

Last but not least, you will need to select the bank account that you would like to send this payment from. 

Sending the payment:
Click Send payment and then Confirm sending payment. You will be sent to a confirmation page. 

Why does it not allow me to select my bank account but instead say "To continue you will need to add a bank account"?

This means you have a bank account that is not yet verified. You can not send or receive payments from a bank account that has not been verified. Once you verify your bank you will be able to continue sending a payment. If you need help doing this you can click the link below to go to our How to verify bank account article.

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