By now, you've likely finished signing up, connecting your bank account, and enabling payments. 

In order to start using Routable for your business transactions, we'll need you to add some information about the organization. 

Step 1:

In the guide, select "Add business verification info" or go here.

Step 2:

We'll need you to add your legal business name, type, category, classification, and EIN.

Step 3:

Next, please add your registered business address.

Step 4:

Finally, we'll need you to provide a government issued identification document for the business.
Have questions about these? Check out this article.

Step 5:

Select "Save changes", and notice that your business verification info will now say "Pending". This means that the information you have submitted is being processed and fact checked. This will automatically update to "Verified" when done, so there is nothing more for you to do on this page. 

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