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You're more than welcome to have multiple bank accounts connected to one Routable company. Here, we'll show you how to add others.

Please note that by default, we currently allow a maximum of six bank accounts to be connected to a single company account. 

If you need to add more than that, please contact us.

Okay, how do I do it?

Go to Bank connections to add payment methods.

You have two options here. If you are interested in connecting a Silicon Valley Bank account or a First Republic Bank account, we highly recommend using Option 2.

Option 1:

Clicking the big blue button will open up a portal to sign into your preferred bank account at your preferred bank. 

Select the bank of your choice, sign in when prompted, and select the account you wish to link to Routable. 

That's it! Quick and simple. Notice the "Verified" badge. This means you can start using this payment method right away.

Option 2: 

If you'd prefer to add your bank account by entering your account and routing numbers, click "or add your bank account with routing and account numbers"

First, select if you're adding a checking or a savings account. Then, enter your routing and account number. Routable should automatically fill in the bank name once you've entered the routing number.
Then, click "Send micro deposits to verify my bank account"

You've made it! Notice that the bank account status still shows as "Unverified" because we still need you to verify those micro-deposits, mentioned earlier.

Visit this article to learn how to verify your payment method. 

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