Once you have a Xero integration up and running, you will have the option to select which customers and vendors you want to sync.

Syncing Routable vendors / customers to Xero:

Have you started using Routable before connecting to Xero? No worries, we can help ensure a smooth transition!

On your integration page you'll see a list of companies that you can sync over to Xero. It will look like this:

To match a vendor / customer, once clicking the blue "Match" button you'll be given the option to search for the company (vendor/customer) counter-part under the Xero match column.


Does it not exist on Xero? No problem.

If this vendor / customer is new to Xero, you can either:

  • Add to Xero

  • Skip for now (this will keep a record in Routable, but not on Xero).


Syncing Xero vendors / customers to Routable:

We suspect you'll spend more of your time adding Xero vendors / customers to Routable 😊

When you connect to Xero, all of your vendors / customers will load.


We know this list can get long... if you need help expediting your vendor / customer syncing contact us.

To invite a vendor / customer you can click the Invite button. This will send an email to your vendor / customer asking them to fill in their most up-to-date:

  • Business info

  • Contact info

  • Payment method preference

  • Tax info (if vendor)

To add a vendor / customer you can click the Add button. This will simply add the contact records that exist on Xero to Routable - now you will be able to send invoices and / or bills to your selected contact.

Note: Make sure that you have email addresses for all of your vendors/customers.
This will ensure proper communication between you and your receiving party.

I don't want to sync a vendor / customer:
No problem, simply click Skip for now. You will be able to sync them at a later time if you'd like.

I'm having trouble syncing my vendor / customer. What should I do?

If you're running into issues syncing a vendor / customer, please contact us and a representative will be in touch shortly.

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