While logged in to your account, you can click the New drop down menu in the top left corner and select Request: Send an invoice.

Requesting an invoice payment:


Step 1: Select a company
Start off by typing in a company name. 

If you typed in a new company then three fields will popup under the company name allowing you to type in:

  • Contact's email

  • Contact's first name

  • Contact's last name

Note: If you have already sent or received a payment from this company then the email
and name will be filled in automatically.

Step 2: Create a new invoice
Start by clicking the Create new invoice button.


Once you click Create new invoice it will show you the invoice sections you will need to fill in. These sections include:

  • Reference

  • Choose if amounts are tax exclusive, tax inclusive or no tax

What does tax exclusive and tax inclusive mean?
Tax exclusive means that tax is added to create the new total. Tax inclusive means that the tax is included in the total.

Example: Item costs $10.00
Exclusive Tax - $10.00 + 9.25% tax = $10.93
Inclusive Tax - $9.15 + 9.25% tax = $10.00

You can now select an item from the drop down menu. This will auto fill the sections according to your Xero item pre-defined settings; make sure these sections are filled in correctly:

  • Description

  • Quantity

  • Unit Price

  • Discount

  • Account 

  • Tax Rate

If you would like to add more than 1 line item then you can click the Add a line item button in the bottom left of the item table. You can add as many item lines as you need. 

Note: You also have the option to write a memo or note under the item table.

Step 3: Payment terms and bank account
Please select the payment terms to set the invoice due date. You have the options of:

  • Due in 30 days (NET 30) 

  • Due in 60 days (NET 60)

  • Due upon receipt

  • Selecting a specific due date

If you'd like to add custom due dates please contact us.

Last but not least, you will need to select a bank account you would like the funds to be deposited into.

Sending the request:
Click Send invoice and then Confirm sending invoice. You will be sent to a confirmation page.

Why does it not allow me to select my bank account but instead say "To continue you will need to add a bank account"?

This means you have a bank account that has not been verified on Routable or has not been matched to Xero. You can not send or receive payments from a bank account that has not been verified and/or matched. Once you verify/match your bank, you will be able to continue sending a payment.

If you need help verifying your bank account you can click the link below to go to our How to verify a bank account article.

If you need help matching your bank account to Xero you can click the link below to go to our Syncing company bank accounts article.

Why does it show me a warning when requesting over $100,000?

Seeing this notice? It's to make sure you are staying compliant with the U.S. government, and that you have a secure experience.

We have an article explaining the one-time customer verification process. Click below to view it!

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