By now, you've finished creating and verifying your account, adding your preferred payment methods, and syncing your accounting software. On the toolbar, a new row should appear labelled "Inbox"

What is the inbox?

The inbox is a location designed for uploading existing bills that have yet to be paid. Instead of having to create new payables one at a time, this tool will let you mass-upload bills on your to-do list, with relevant documents and/or invoices attached.

How do I manually upload bills?

In the top right corner, you should see two buttons. If you have bills on your local machine that you want to upload into Routable, select "Upload bills"

This button should pull up the standard wizard for selecting files from your device. Upload as many PDFs or image files as you need to. Routable will create a new bill for each uploaded file.

Supported file types in the inbox:

  • PDF

  • PNG

  • JPEG

  • JPG

  • DOC and DOCX

  • XLS and XLSX

  • TXT

How do I forward bills from my email?

If you receive invoices from your vendors via email, you may find it simpler and easier to select the adjacent button, "My inbox email"

Clicking here will open up a textbox showing your unique email-address created solely for uploading bills to your Routable inbox.

Click "Copy to clipboard" or highlight the email address and copy it, pasting into your preferred email application as the recipient of a new message. Then, send that email and watch as your Routable inbox gets filled with all of your existing payables. Feel free to forward existing emails and attachments to your Routable inbox as necessary. A copy of your email text as well as a copy of each file attached to said email will be saved in every new bill you create using this method.

How do I delete bills that I uploaded to my inbox?

You can delete a bill from the inbox in 2 different ways:

  1. Select the bills you want to delete and click the “Delete Bill” button

  2. When you click on a specific item bill, note in the bottom right corner the "Delete" button in red, see the screenshot below.

How do I pay a bill from the inbox?

The same way you pay any other payables. The only difference is that with uploaded bills, you'll see that split view showing the document or image that you uploaded. 

Splitting Bills

If you forward emails to the Routable Inbox that contain more than one invoice attachment, you can separate them from the Routable Dashboard.

The Split Bill feature provides a way to separate these for coding and payment.

How to use the Split Bill feature

In the Routable Inbox select the record that contains more than one invoice attachment.

screenshot showing multiple attachments in the Routable Inbox

In the file selector, on the top left, choose an attachment you want to split into a separate bill, then click the Split button and Confirm in the dialog box that appears.

⭐️ It is important to note that splitting an attachment into a separate bill cannot be undone.

Screenshot of the split bill confirmation notice.

The selected attachment will be removed from the original record and attached to a new bill in the Inbox. Any information that was extracted by Routable's OCR feature will be automatically filled in.

Screenshot of the Routable Inbox showing how the bills have been split

When can I split attachments?

Attachments can be split while the bill is in the Inbox. You will not be able to split attachments to new files after coding the bill.

⭐️ The bill’s Primary Attachment cannot be split.

You can see which attachment is primary in the file selector, the primary attachment is marked with a ⭐️ icon which you can see in the screenshot below:

Screenshot showing the Primary attachment marker in the file selector

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