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How to submit your account information for verification

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Let’s cover the final step in the process of verifying your Routable account: Review.

By now, you've provided your business and representative info. This review section gives you an overview of your progress toward verifying your account.

You can expand the business and representative sections to ensure that everything necessary has been provided.

Once you’re satisfied with the information you’ve entered, you should see the business and representative steps labeled as ‘Ready to submit’.

Now, it's time to submit your information and let our system finish the verification process. We’ll do that next.

If all steps have been completed, the Submit for verification button will be highlighted in blue. Confirm that your information is accurate and complete and then go ahead and click the Submit for verification button.

Once your information has been submitted, you’ll go to the screen shown below.

Congratulations! You’re all done. It will take a few moments for our system to fact-check your documents and information. We’ll send you an email with the next steps shortly.

In the meantime, let’s go ahead and add your bank account info.

You’ll see two options for adding your bank account:

  • Option 1: Connect your bank account via Plaid (recommended and faster)

  • Option 2: Add bank account by manually entering your account & routing info

☝️ The “Connect your bank account” option is the fastest and preferred method for connecting your bank account.

⭐ Note: If you’re connecting an account from Silicon Valley Bank or First Republic Bank, we recommend using Option 2, in that case.

Option 1 (recommended):

Click the blue button to connect your bank account. You’ll see a portal where you'll be able to sign into your bank account. Select the bank of your choice, sign in when prompted, and select the account you wish to connect to Routable.

Success! You’re all done with adding your bank account.

Option 2:

If you'd prefer to add your bank account by entering your account and routing numbers manually, click add your bank account with routing and account numbers.

You should also choose this method if you'll be adding a Silicon Valley Bank or First Republic Bank account.

First, you'll need to indicate whether you're adding a checking or a savings account. Then, you should enter your routing and account numbers.

☝️ Routable will automatically fill in the bank name based on the routing number.

Lastly, click Send micro deposits to verify my bank account.

Viola! Notice that the bank account status appears as "Pending account verification". This is because you'll still need you to verify those micro-deposits once they arrive in your bank account.

📚 For more help on verifying your bank account, check out this article.

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