Why should I add my company's logo and colors to Routable?

Adding your company logo and colors helps you visually stand out, while increasing trust with your preferred vendors and customers. 

When they see that you are a verified company, with your copyrighted and trademarked themes and pictures, they're much more likely to accept and receive transmission of financials with you. 

After all - no one wants to accidentally fall for a scam online from a company that sounds real, but isn't. 

Okay I'm convinced. How do I do it?

If this is your first time adding branding, you can add this info through the guide. You can also get here by selecting the Business branding tab.

Select "Customize business branding" to be ported to the following page:

Upload your company logo through the "Select logo" button, and select one of your company's primary colors 

Once you've clicked "Save changes", you can go about your workday as usual. 

Is this live?

When customers and vendors receive communications from you through the Routable platform, your logo and color preferences will be displayed, as such:

Note the purple borders and the company logo within the top border.

When a vendor opens payment details, they'll see your logo and colored borders again. 

Have a need for more customization? Contact us for help 

We also recommend adding a personal avatar, so folks trust communications coming from you directly, and not just from the business itself. Learn how here.

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