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What are the benefits of having my picture on Routable?

Adding your avatar on your Routable profile allows you to stand out, and increase the trust between you and the vendors, customers, and team members you're communicating with. 

They see a person they know and have worked with, and are much more likely to engage in conversations and actions on sensitive matters like financials.

After all - no one wants to accidentally fall for a scam online from a person that sounds real, but isn't. 

Okay, I'm convinced. How do I do it?

If this is your first time adding an avatar, you can add this info through the guide. You can also get here through the My profile tab.

Select Add your avatar to be taken to the following page

Once you've uploaded an avatar, click Save changes.

Okay, is this live?

Yes! Notice how your avatar now appears in the bottom left corner of the dashboard, next to your name.

It will also appear in emails, messages, and notes that you send to your business partners - ensuring they know it's really you interacting with them.

Have a need for more customization? Contact us for help 

We also recommend adding business branding, so folks trust communications coming from your company, and not just from yourself. Learn how here.

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