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Why you can't send payments to your own team members
Why you can't send payments to your own team members
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If you've attempted to send payments to yourself or to your Routable team members, you've likely noticed an error.


Users of Routable are considered representatives of a company. When you send a payment to your primary contact at a vendor, the money is sent to the company's address or bank account, rather than the contact's.

For that same reason, you and your team members are considered contacts of your company. Sending a payment from your company to a representative of your company would send said payment right back to the company.

That would debit money from and credit money to the same account, leading to a net change of zero dollars. Therefore, Routable does not allow this action to occur. 

What if I need to pay myself or a team member for payroll or reimbursement purposes?

Currently, Routable is built primarily to facilitate B2B transactions for accounts receivables and accounts payables. There are other specialized tools out there that focus on other needs, and we recommend Gusto or Expensify in those circumstances.

If you still want to pay yourself or your colleague via Routable, make sure to send those payments to a unique email address that is not associated with a company on Routable. 

For example, if you work for Trendy Tablets, and your work email is, and you are a registered representative of Trendy Tablets on, do not send a payment to your work email. 

Instead, send it to your personal email (e.g. You can then accept that payment as an individual that is not associated with an incorporated business. 

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