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Setting up inbox auto-forwarding from your domain
Setting up inbox auto-forwarding from your domain

For users that are connected to a ledger and want to use their G-suite enabled domain to automatically upload bills received via email

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By now, you've finished connecting your ledger, and know how to manually add bills to the inbox.

If you'd like to automate the process of sending bills to your inbox from your email, and are already using Google Groups, this article will give you a quick tutorial.

First, go to the inbox on the sidebar of your dashboard. 

In the top right corner, select "My inbox email" and copy your team's system-generated email. 

Then, head to Google Groups. You'll likely need to be an administrator for this group in order to make changes.

Head to the group that you want to associate with your inbox on Routable.

Select "Manage group", and then "Direct add members"

Enter the previously copied email address where specified, write a welcome message, and save! 

That's it! now, all emails that are sent to this group will also go directly to your Routable dashboard inbox, including all attachments, giving you easy access to bills that need to get paid.

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