What are the benefits of connecting my ledger to Routable?

Syncing your ledger to Routable allows your existing bills and invoices to be ported directly into Routable, which saves you time as you don't need to recreate any payment information. 

Additionally, transactions made within Routable are recorded directly in the ledger, saving you time on reconciling transactions, and ensuring accuracy of records.

Okay, how do I do it?

To link your Routable account to QBO, head to the integrations page either through the account settings, or through the guide. 

Then, select "Connect your ledger". You'll be ported to QBO's website, where you'll need to sign in and give permission to Routable to sync read and edit information from your ledger. 

When you're done, you'll be ported back to the integrations page. 

Note the "Connected to QBO" header at the top of your sidebar, as well as the inclusion of the "Inbox" on your sidebar. 

You'll also notice that instead of saying "Connect your ledger" the button text will now say "Manage integration". 

Clicking here will allow you to sync bank accounts and companies, ensuring smooth recording of data for your accounting needs.

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