Once you have a QBO integration up and running, you will have the option to select which customers and vendors you want to sync.

Syncing Routable vendors / customers to QBO:

Have you started using Routable before connecting to QBO? No worries, we can help ensure a smooth transition!

On your integration page you'll see a list of companies that you can sync over to QBO. It will look like this:

If you plan to pay or invoice these companies via Routable, select the "Match" button. Otherwise, select "Skip".

When matching, select what record on QBO you want to link the company with. 

If it is both a vendor and a customer, you'll need to select both a QBO vendor match and a QBO customer match. 

Otherwise, select one, and skip the other, like shown in the above screenshot, or add the company to QBO as a company or vendor.

Once you click update, that company will be matched between Routable and QuickBooks Online, ensuring that transactions between you and your vendor or customer are accurately recorded in your ledger.

You can see the matched companies under the "Matched" filter within "Synced companies.

Syncing QBO vendors and customers to Routable:

Once you've matched all of the Routable companies to QBO, you'll be able to match or add any QBO companies to Routable. 

We suspect you'll spend more of your time adding QBO companies to Routable 😊

When you connect to QBO, all of your vendors and customers will load.

We know this list can get long. if you need help expediting your vendor and customer syncing, contact us.

To invite a vendor / customer you can click the Invite button. This will send an email to your vendor / customer asking them to fill in their most up-to-date:

  • Business info

  • Contact info

  • Payment method preference

  • Tax info (if vendor)

To add a vendor / customer you can click the Add button. This will simply add the contact records that exist on Xero to Routable - now you will be able to send invoices and / or bills to your selected contact.

I don't want to sync a vendor / customer: No problem, simply click Skip for now. You will be able to sync them at a later time if you'd like.

I'm having trouble syncing my vendor / customer. What should I do?

If you're running into issues syncing a vendor / customer, please contact us and a representative will be in touch shortly.

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