On your dashboard, click the "New" button on the top of the sidebar, and select "Payment: Send a payment"

Next, select "Pay bill(s) to a specific vendor".

In the "Vendor or company name" field, start typing the name of the vendor you want to send the payment to. 

Routable will populate a list of existing companies that match that name, if they have been created in Routable or in your ledger and matched correctly. 

If you want to send a payment to a new vendor that you haven't done business with before, no problem. Type in their vendor name, and enter in the required contact email and the primary contact's first and last name.

Enter the details of the bill that you'd like to pay. Note that some boxes may be greyed out in Routable if those features are not yet turned on in your QuickBooks Online settings.

Please note that "Bill No." is shared with your vendor, while "Memo" isn't. This is an internal field used for record-keeping, and will show up in your ledger record for this payment.

Then, select the account that you'd like to pay from,  where you'd like the funds deposited, and when you'd like to send the payment.

For example, if your vendor has given you their account and routing numbers, you can enter that in by selecting "ACH (Direct deposit)". 

If they have specified that they would like payment via check, and have given you an address to send that check to, select "Check (Standard) and input the necessary information. 

If you're not sure how your vendor would like to receive the funds, select "Ask vendor to add payment info". They will receive an email from Routable asking them to select their preferred payment method. 

Once they input the relevant information, the payment will be initiated, meaning that funds will be taken out of your account and sent to the vendor.

Once you select and confirm the details on that page, you'll be shown a confirmation page with a summary of the details.

In your "Payables" tab on the sidebar, you can select the payment you just created to review the current status of the item, the payment details, as well as any notes or messages you have sent to the vendor, and their responses. 

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