On your dashboard, click the "New" button on the top of the sidebar, and select "Payment: Send a payment"

Click "Select bill(s) awaiting payment" to see a list of all outstanding bills from all vendors.

Please note that by default, since this view is for multiple vendors and meant for bulk processing, you won't be able to select which contact at each company you want to reach, or the payment method for each vendor.
Instead, payments will either be sent to the default contact and to the default payment method previously chosen for a company, or, for companies that have not yet been paid via Routable, a request to select a payment method will be sent to the vendor. 

If you want to input a specific payment method for a new vendor, or select a specific contact at the vendor, check out this link instead.

Check the bills that you want to pay, as well as the bank account you want all funds to be debited from, and select "Send payment".

That's it! You're good to go.

Seeing this red alert? Match your vendors from QBO to Routable, and you should see all existing bills show up here.

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