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How to create and not send a payment
How to create and not send a payment

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If you want to create a payment but not yet send it to your vendor, Routable gives you that option.

Start off as you normally would by creating a new payment through the sidebar on the dashboard.

Enter in the name of an existing vendor and select the contact you'd like to receive this payment notification.

You can also create a new vendor here by typing a name. The system will prompt you to also add a company contact's email and name. 

Enter in your payment information as you normally would. When you reach the "Payment details" section, make sure to uncheck the "Send on a specific date" toggle. This will leave your payment in a "Ready to send" state.

Once you've created and confirmed the payment, you'll see your confirmation screen.

Note on the payment details page that the status is in a light blue "Ready to send" state. When you're ready to send that payment to your vendor, select "Send payment".

Confirm the bank account you'd like to use and the date you'd like this payment to be sent on. You can send it on the same day, or schedule it for a day of your choice in the future. 

Once you select "Send payment", funds will be withdrawn on the selected day and your payment will process normally, notifying your contact per usual. 

⏰ Payments will send at 9:00 AM pacific coast time on the scheduled day.

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