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Xero: Why don't I see all of my existing payables and invoices?
Xero: Why don't I see all of my existing payables and invoices?

Why do I need to add missing company info when selecting bills or invoices?

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Have you tried to send bills or invoices that you know are in Xero, only to find that you can't see them in Routable?

The most likely culprit is that the company record in Xero has not yet been added to Routable - therefore, Routable hasn't yet imported the bills and invoices associated with that company.

What does it mean for a company to be added to Routable?

The Routable <> Xero two way sync allows invoices and bills to be imported from Xero into Routable, and allows Routable to update Xero with updates to your transactions. 

In order to enable this, Routable needs to know which companies from your ledger you want to transact with. To properly add a company, Routable requires:

  • Contact first name

  • Contact last name

  • Contact email address

Are you seeing this notice?

If so, no worries, we just want to make sure that your Xero vendor and customer records are properly synced. Steps below!

First, lets find this company in your Xero Integration Settings

If, while trying to pay a vendor, or invoice a customer, you run into this red alert, please click the blue hyperlink that says "add missing vendor info" or "add missing customer info"- it will direct you to your Xero integration settings.

Once you're there, scroll to your Synced companies section and you'll see a table with every company on Routable and Xero.

We recommend entering the desired company name in the search field:

Next, add the missing company record

Click the "Add" button to open a dialog window that will give you an option to add the Xero record.

Confirm or edit the vendor details, and add a payment method if you so choose. 

Before you jump out of this dialog window make sure to click the "Add company" button 😉

You're all done! What's next?

That's it! Now those existing invoices and bills should show up on Routable.

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