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Why was my payment method previously added?
Why was my payment method previously added?

A quick guide explaining the appearance of your saved payment method, and how it was added

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Have you received an email from your customer asking you to add your payment method but when you follow the link, your information is there?

Yes? Then please read on!

How payment methods are added

When a customer first reaches out to a new vendor, they can ask that vendor to set up a preferred payment method (Bank Transfer or Check) in order to receive funds. 

Such an email can look like this ⬇️

Once added to Routable, the payment method stays on the platform for current and future transactions.

My existing payment method

When another Routable customer wants to pay you, we simply pull payment methods from your existing account and ask that you verify that it is valid for continued use.

Available payment methods include

  1. Bank Transfer

  2. Check Address

 ℹ️ Here is a quick example for reference

  • I work with AppleCo and ComputerCo and use bank account ending in ***1652

  • AppleCo emails me a link to add my bank account for payments

  • I add account ending in ***1652 for AppleCo

  • ComputerCo would also like to send payments

  • My information is already in the system, so Routable only needs me to verify that I would like to receive payment in the bank account ending in ***1652 for receiving my payments from ComputerCo

  • I confirm that the account ending in ***1652 for use with ComputerCo and now receive payments from them as well

Confirming I want to use this payment method

When you receive a link from your customer to select a payment method, you'll be able to confirm that you'd like to use it to receive funds.

For accepting payments with Bank Transfer

If you'd like to receive a transfer to a bank account, you will need to confirm its use and quickly after verify it with two small micro-deposits.

For accepting payments by receiving a check

If you'd like to receive a check, you will need to confirm the address where it should be sent to.


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