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How checks are formatted when they are issued to vendors
How checks are formatted when they are issued to vendors

What do checks look like for my vendors?

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Checks issued through Routable will be mailed to the vendor in the following format:

To set up checks as a payment method, you will need to have the vendor address available. If you do not have a vendor address, you will not be able to send a check.

Ensure you have a verified address and add the mailing information for your vendor when prompted, after selecting Check as your payment method.

⭐️ Please Note: The date that is printed on the check is the date that the check is sent on, which may differ from the date that you created the payment on.

⭐️ Please note the highlighted fields, either the Business field or Contact Name field needs to be completed in order to continue.

Once you have completed the payment, your check will be processed. 

If you need to update the name of your company that is printed on the check, you can.

This can be done in the Routable dashboard if you have Administrator permissions, head to your Account Settings

Updating the Company Name will update what is printed on your checks.

For more information or if you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Support team!

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