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When and how to use your balance for bill payments and payouts

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Your Routable balance is built to help you and your business achieve the following:

  • Expedite payments to vendors with SameDay ACH, NextDay ACH, and RTP transfers

  • Quickly fix negative balances caused by failed transactions

  • Ensure that funds are reserved for upcoming payments

How to access my account balance

Head to your Settings > Balance page and you’ll see the option to add and withdraw funds from your balance.

I can only deposit funds, how come?

If you can only deposit funds that means your balance is at a $0.00 or negative value.

How long does it take for a funds deposited to hit my balance?

Transfers to your balance take 3-4 business days to complete. You will see a withdrawal on your bank statement starting with "Routable" alongside your transfer amount.

What is a pending balance?

Because it takes 3-4 days for funds to deposit into your balance, “Pending balance” will show what amount is in-transit.


 My balance is $0.00, and I add $1,000.00. My “Pending balance” will be $1,000.00 and my “Available balance” (funds I can actually use to send) is $0.00 

How long does it take to withdraw funds from my balance?

Transfers out of your balance take 1-2 business days to complete. You will see a deposit on your bank statement starting with "Routable."

As soon as you withdraw funds out of your balance, they will no longer be available for transactions originating from your balance.

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