While logged into your account, head to your Companies page.

You can send a new invite to a vendor by selecting the "Add Vendor" button in the top right corner.

Composing your vendor invite

You'll need to fill out a few fields before sending the invite, including:

  • Vendor name

  • Vendor country

  • Vendor contact's email

  • Vendor contact’s full name (first and last)

Don't forget to select the checkbox to invite 😉

🎗 Note: At this time vendors outside of U.S. have to be invited to provide their own payment method.

We recorded a quick walk-through:

Should I invite my vendor as a business or individual?

Great question! We wrote a quick article about inviting a vendor as a specific entity, and how it affects the tax and payment experience.

Can I personalize my invitation?

Of course! When you invite your vendor you'll be able to add a personalized message.

What does my vendor see?

Your vendor will receive an email to:

  • Confirm their contact details

  • Add their billing address

  • Add and confirm a preferred payment method (ACH or receiving a check)

We have a quick guide that shows your vendor's perspective in this process.

Can I resend an invite?

Yes! If you need to send an invite again, you can.

To send a new invite to a single company, go to the Company details page in your Routable Dashboard.

Click the ... menu on the top right, then click the Re-send invite button to have Routable send a new invite to the vendor.

Screenshot of an individual vendor's Company Details page in the Routable Dashboard.

If you need to re-send invites to more than one vendor, you can quickly re-send multiple invites from the Invites tab on the Companies page of your Routable Dashboard

Look under the Actions column on the right for the Re-send invite button, click the button to have Routable send a new invite to the vendor.

Screenshot of the Routable Dashboard showing the Invites screen

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