At Routable we want to make payment remittance as simple and transparent as can be.

Therefore we’ve spent a lot of time trying to expose transaction limits in the payment creation interface.

Are ACH transaction limits platform wide, or specific to my company?

To provide a tailored experience we work with each company to set their transaction limits.

As you build up your account transaction history (send more payments through the Routable platform) you can reach out to your account manager, or to the Routable support team to increase your per transaction limits.

What are the maximum transaction limits?

Below we’ll cover the maximum per transaction limit allowed to be sent through the Routable platform.

Your account’s transaction limits will most likely be lower than these maximum amounts.

ACH credits

When paying your vendors:

  • Standard ACH (4-5 Business days) - $3,500,000.00 per transaction

  • Expedited ACH (2-3 Business days) - $3,500,000.00 per transaction

  • NextDay ACH (1 business day) - $3,500,00.00 per transaction

  • SameDay ACH - $25,000.00 per transaction

Individual ACH transfers are made up to $700,000.00. An ACH payment made for $700,000.01 or more, will be split into multiple transfers, and therefore will incur an additional fee for each ACH transfer that is actually initiated by Routable.


If you make a $1,200,000.00 payment via ACH, Routable will actually initiate two different ACH transfers for you, the first for $700,000.00 and the second for $500,000.00. You will be charged for 2 ACH transfers for this payment.

ACH debits

When getting paid by customers:

  • Standard ACH (4-5 Business days) - $40,000.00 per transaction

Why is the SameDay ACH transfer so low?

The SameDay ACH payment option is new within the United States and thus is regulated to $25,000.00 per transaction. Once the United States Fed increase these limits, we’ll make sure to update them on Routable as well.

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