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What does verifying a bank account look like for my vendor?
What does verifying a bank account look like for my vendor?

Insight to your vendor's flow for verifying their bank account

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If your vendor opted to add a bank account (for receiving or sending payments) by adding their routing (ABA) and account number, Routable will automatically send two small deposits to ensure the right bank account is connected.

Why is this necessary?

The verification process helps make sure that funds are not send to invalid or mistaken bank accounts, and makes sure that you are not charged for failed transactions (due to payments being sent to invalid accounts).

What does the process look like for adding the bank account?

Your vendor always has the option to log in to their bank to instantly verify their bank account - view it here.

If they opt to add their bank account with account and routing numbers, they'll go through the following flow:

Adding their bank account

As you see, they will receive a quick notification once their bank account is added instructing them of the small deposits being sent to their bank account in 1-2 business days.

Confirmation email

On top of the on-screen confirmation, they'll also receive a confirmation email with similar information:

What does the process look like for verifying the bank account?

As soon as the deposit amounts have hit their bank account, your vendor should get an email notification.

Verify your bank account email

The email will prompt your vendor to enter the amounts and verify the bank account used:

Entering the small deposits

Your vendor will see a button to enter the small deposits. Once they've done so, they will receive quick confirmation 👍

My vendor can't click on the button in the email

If your vendor is having issues clicking the "Verify bank account" button in their email there's a good chance that their browser and/or email client does not support buttons within emails.

Luckily they will also have the chance to copy and paste a link into their browser that will help them proceed to the bank account verification page.

Here's a preview of the bottom of this email:

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