If you are a vendor with a customer that uses Routable, you have two delivery options for receiving your 1099 form at the end of the tax year:

  • Electronic delivery
  • Mailed delivery

January 31 is the deadline to receive your 1099 forms for the current tax year. This deadline is the same for both electronic copies delivered online and paper copies delivered via regular mail. If you opt for a paper copy, it will be postmarked by January 31. 

Making your mailed vs. electronic delivery preference

When your customers use Routable, you will receive a link that goes to a tax page which allows you to choose your preferred method of delivery for your 1099 tax form.

By checking the box on this page, you consent to receiving your 1099 form electronically. If you prefer to receive your 1099 form via regular mail, simply leave this box unchecked. 

After making this selection, you are all set!

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