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Viewing Bank Transfer transaction details
Viewing Bank Transfer transaction details

How to view the transaction details for a Bank Transfer

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To view the transaction details for a Bank Transfer payment in your Routable account, go into the payment page and scroll the right side of the page down until you see a section called Transaction details

Here you can click on the transaction and see a the full details including:

  • Amount

  • Payment method

  • Delivery option

  • Payment source

  • Payment destination

  • Transfer status

  • Trace ID (not available for RTP)

  • ACH ID (not available for RTP)

  • Routable fees

What is a Trace ID?

On ACH transfers between two bank accounts, two Trace IDs are generated: one for the originating source of the transaction and one for the destination of the transaction. 

In Routable we provide you with the destination Trace ID in case you ever need to provide proof of payment. The recipient of a payment can use the destination Trace ID to contact their financial institution and get more details.

You can share this ID with your vendor by viewing the Transaction history in the right side panel of a payment on Routable and then copying the Trace ID from there.

What is a ACH ID?

The ACH ID is different than the Trace ID. The ACH ID is a unique ID generated by the originating bank and it's the same ID that you would see on your bank statement. This ID can be used to correctly match payments if, for example, you have multiple payments for the same dollar amount to the same vendor. 

You can locate this ID in the right side panel on the payment page where it says Individual ACH ID. Unlike the Trace ID, this ID is "internal" only and is not something you would share with your vendor.

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