When creating a new contact for a vendor or customer in Routable, you will have the option to assign autofill contact settings. The goal here is to save you time for each notification you need to send.

You’ll notice two contact types for both payments and company details include:

  • “Contact”

  • “Read-only”

The autofill contact settings you select for the contact will be loaded automatically when you create a payment or invoice for that company.

Note: The autofill contact settings can be overwritten on a per payment or invoice basis, if needed.


Contacts have “full access” for company management. This means they will receive all email communication associated with registering for Routable, adding tax information, and updating payment methods.

Contacts that have “full access” for payments and invoices will receive all email communication and have the ability to accept a payment or pay an invoice.


Contacts with “read-only” access for company management and payments/invoices will be notified that the emails they receive are read-only. The buttons and links will be missing and they will not be able to interact with the emails.

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