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Adding tags to payables and receivables
Adding tags to payables and receivables

Use internal data or keywords to help segment payables and receivables

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Outside of your accounting data (chart of accounts, classes, and custom fields) an internal lexicon will always exist at your company that is shared among your colleagues.

We added tags so you can help identify "This is top priority" or highlight a "MVP vendor."

How do I add a tag?

To add a tag, head to the menu icon at the top right corner of your payable or receivable page.

Once you select "Add tags" a slide out will appear prompting you to select either an existing tag, or to add a new one.

Once saved, your tags will appear on your payable or receivable details 👍

Can I remove or delete my tags?

Our team is quickly working on adding more tag related features including tag management.

If you need help taking a tag off a payable or a receivable please contact our support team.

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