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Using Addenda Records on Payments
Using Addenda Records on Payments

How to add an addenda field when creating Bank Transfer payments

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What is an addenda record?

An addenda record is an optional record that provides supplemental data about a transaction.

Addenda records can help simplify the reconciliation process by providing additional insight into specific transactions.

Adding addenda records to new payments

When creating a new payment in Routable, under the Payment details section, there is a button to +Add addenda.

Click the button and in the Addenda record text field add the description you would like to appear along with the transaction on the bank statement. The maximum length of this description is 80 characters for ACH delivery options and 140 characters for Real-Time Payments (RTP).

Click Add addenda record to add this addenda to your payment.

Editing and deleting addenda records

If you made a mistake or need to change your addenda record before sending a payment, you can do so using the two available buttons next to the addenda.

⭐️ Note: Once a payment has been created, the addenda cannot be modified.

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