Routable makes it easy to communicate with your teammates directly on payment pages using internal notes.

When you click on a payment on your dashboard, you are taken to the payment page, and at the bottom of this page there is a reply editor.

Here you can switch between a regular reply that is sent to your vendor or customer and an internal note that is only visible by your teammates in Routable.

Mentioning Your Teammates

In situations where you want a specific teammate to see an internal note, you can @mention that teammate to send them an email notification and ensure that they see your message.

To mention a teammate, first make sure that you have the Note option selected in the reply editor. Then type "@" and the first few letters of their name to bring up a list where you can select the teammate you want to mention.

Select your teammate, finish your note, and then click Add internal note to post your note to the payment page and send an email notification to your teammate. πŸŽ‰

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