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Creating payables and receivables with approval requirements
Creating payables and receivables with approval requirements

How to set up your approvers when creating payments and invoices

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As you create Payables or Receivables, the total amount you enter might trigger your team's approval flow. When this happens, you will see an Approvals section appear below the Payment details section.

If your account is set up to have different approval levels and/or multiple approvers, this section is where you will be able to select your approvers.

Single Level Approvals

You will be prompted to assign a single approver at the bottom of the page when the total amount of the payment or invoice you are creating calls for one level of approval.

To select a different approver, click the X to clear the field, then start typing to search for another team member with approver status for this level.

Multi-Level Approvals

For payments or invoices that trigger more than one level of approval, you will be prompted to choose between multiple team approvers at the bottom of the page — one for each level of approval that applies.

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