To see the payments or invoices pending approval, head to your dashboard and look for the Needs approval section under both Payables and Receivables in the left side navigation.

By default this list displays All of the payments or invoices currently pending approval.

At the top of the page, you have two additional options to filter between Needs my approval and Needs team approval.

  • Needs my approval will only show you the list of payables requiring your approval.

  • Needs team approval will show you the payables requiring approval from all of the other approvers in your account.

Approving a Payment or Invoice

To approve a payment or invoice, click on it to view the full payment page and then click the Approve button near the top of the page. This slides out a panel from the right side of the page and from there you can confirm the approval.

Note: For cross-border payments, approval is triggered based on the estimated USD amount of a payable.

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