After a payment is created, Routable currently pushes updates one way: from Routable to your accounting software.

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After a payment has been created, it is not currently possible to update a bill or invoice in your accounting software and have that update sync back to Routable.

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For example, if you update a bill in QBO from pending to paid, this creates a status conflict with our system, and you will get an error in Routable if you try to update the status of the payment. Similarly, if you cancel a bill in QBO and then try to make changes to that payment in Routable, you will receive an error.

To avoid these status conflict errors, update the bill or invoice in Routable first and then those changes should sync to your accounting software.

⭐️ If you are bumping into an error after attempting to cancel or mark a payment as externally paid, it’s possible that there is a record mismatch between Routable and your accounting software. Please get in touch with our Support team and we will be happy to assist when this happens.

For requests to mark a payment as externally paid, please share the following information to process your request:

  • Payment method

  • Reference (We recommend using N/A if you do not have a reference)

  • Date paid

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