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Changing your accounting software integrations
Changing your accounting software integrations

How to fully disconnect your accounting software integration in Routable and connect a new integration

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If you are looking to disconnect your current accounting software integration and switch to another one, we can help lend a hand. 🤝

Right now this is a manual process that must be completed by our support team, where we fully disconnect the old integration so that the new integration can be connected successfully. Here’s how to get started!

When you are ready to get started, head over to your Account > Integrations settings to disconnect your integration.

Under Manage your integration connect status, click the Disconnect access link and confirm. You’ll see that the connection status will update to Disconnected. 🔴

This removes the authentication token and removes the “sync” for the integration.

Next, send a note to our Support team and request to fully disconnect the integration so that you may connect a new accounting software. Our team will then completely remove the integration in our system. Once that process is completed, our Support team will follow up with you to let you know that you’re good to connect the new integration in Account > Integrations settings.

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