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Whitelisting Routable with your bank
Whitelisting Routable with your bank

The steps you can take to ensure transactions from Routable do not get blocked by your bank

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Once you are up and running with your Routable account, you can take steps to ensure that transactions initiated from Routable are not affected by any debit blocks or debit filters that you may have in place with your bank.

Always allow Routable transactions

In order to always allow Routable transactions, you will need to contact your bank and provide them with Routable's ACH Originator ID:

  • 945440567_

⭐ Note: There is a _ space at the end of the ID. This is because Routable's ID is somewhat unique in length and some financial institutions require an ID that is ten digits long.

To ensure that you are covered with your financial institution, you may whitelist both of the following variations of the Routable ACH Originator ID:

  • 945440567_

  • 945440567

Once you have done this, all transactions originating from Routable will bypass any debit blocks or filters for your bank account and they will process successfully. ✅

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