Check payment delivery options

What check payment delivery options are currently supported in Routable

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There are multiple delivery options, with different delivery speeds, available when you are creating a new check payment to your vendor.

These options will be available to select in the dropdown as you are filling out the Payment details of your check payment.

Below is a list of all the available check delivery options and their associated fees.

Delivery option

Delivery speed


USPS First-Class

2-5 business days


USPS Certified First-Class

2-5 business days


USPS Priority

2-3 business days


USPS Priority Express

1-2 business days


USPS Priority w/ Signature

2-3 business days


USPS International First-Class*

7-14 business days


FedEx Next Day

1 business day


FedEx Two Day

1-2 business days


*Currently Canada is the only country that is supported for sending international checks.

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