Managing team member roles

How to control what settings and actions your users have permissions to access in your account

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Administrators and IT Administrators are the only users in your Routable account that can manage other team members.

Administrators and IT Administrators have the ability to:

⭐️ It's important to note that Admins and IT Admins cannot modify their own role.

If an Admin or IT Admin wants to change their role Creator, for example, another team member who is an Admin or IT Admin will need to make that change for them.

Changing a team member's role

To change the role of a team member, Admins and IT Admins can head to the Team members list in your account settings. This page contains a full list of your team members and their roles.

On the right side of the list, you can click the View button to see more details about a specific team member.

Then on the page for that team member, you can change their role by selecting one of the options from the Role dropdown menu.

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