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Finding your Routable vendor ID
Finding your Routable vendor ID

How to locate the Routable vendor ID to use in your CSV template

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In your bulk CSV template you may use either the Vendor Name or the Vendor ID in the Vendor Name field to identify the vendor on your payments. There may be some cases where you have two vendors with the same name, and it’s in these cases that you will want to use your Routable Vendor ID instead.

To get the Routable Vendor IDs for your vendors, first you will need to download a CSV list of your vendors. You can do this from the Companies page in your dashboard.

Simply click the Export to CSV button at the top of this page.

This downloads a .CSV file to your computer with all of the vendor company details in your account. When you open this file in your preferred spreadsheet software, you will see the ID as one of the fields included in this list.

You will need to copy and paste this ID in its entirety to the Vendor name field of your CSV template.

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