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Using bulk actions on your payables and receivables
Using bulk actions on your payables and receivables

How to use bulk actions to make updates to multiple payables or receivables

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When you need to take the same action on multiple payables or receivables at one time, Routable supports certain bulk actions that may be taken on these items.

Currently there are three bulk actions that you may take on your payables or receivables:

Bulk Action

What it Does


Submits your required approval for multiple payables or receivables that have Needs approval status


Sends multiple payables or receivables that currently have Ready to send status

Edit Send Date

Edits the date that the payables or receivables will be sent when they are Scheduled

To initiate the bulk selection process and see the available bulk actions, simply navigate to either your Payables or Receivables list in your Routable dashboard and check the box to the left of the items you would like to update.

Once you have everything selected, you will see bulk actions available at the top of your list. If certain actions are not available for what you have selected, those buttons will be disabled.

Select the action you would like to take and then you will be taken to another screen where you will continue to configure your bulk action before clicking the button to confirm and submit your request.

When your bulk action is completed, you will receive a confirmation via email with a link to the payables or receivables that were updated.

How Queueing Works

Once submitted, your bulk action will be queued for processing. Some actions on a smaller number of items may process very quickly, while other actions on a large number of items will process a bit slower.

When a bulk action has been queued on a group of payables or receivables, these items will be identified with a Queued status.

While something is Queued, your other teammates will not be able to take action on it in order to prevent someone else from overriding your bulk action.

How Locking and Unlocking Works

There are certain bulk actions that will "lock" the payables or receivables as a safeguard if the bulk action fails to process for any reason.

For example, if you attempt to Edit Send Date in bulk and that action fails to process, those items you tried to update will remain "locked" so that money does not move prematurely.

Locked payables and receivables are identified with a banner at the top of the page stating that they are locked and to contact support for assistance.

🔑 Should you ever need to unlock a payable or receivable so that you can attempt to take action on it again, please contact Routable Support via your in-app chat and we'll be happy to assist!

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