Sage Intacct: Syncing vendors and customers

A quick guide to syncing vendors and customers between Routable and Sage Intacct

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Once you have your Sage Intacct integration up and running, you will have the option to select which vendor and customer records you want to sync.

Syncing records from Sage Intacct to Routable

When you’re connected to Sage Intacct, all of your vendor and customer records will load in your integration settings under the Company settings section under the Unmatched tab.

Here you'll be able to Invite or Add your Sage Intacct companies to Routable.

If you have a large number of vendor and customer records and you need help expediting your syncing process, please contact our support team.

Inviting vendors and customers

Clicking the Invite button brings up a page where you can fill out your vendor or customer info, including any contact details. Once the record is created, you will be able to send an email invitation to register for Routable.

During registration, your vendor or customer will be able to fill in their up to date:

  • Business info

  • Contact info

  • Payment method preference

  • Tax info (if inviting a vendor)

Adding vendors and customers

Clicking the Add button will bring up the same page where you can fill in the vendor or customer details. However, the Invite option is toggled off by default and we will not send them an email invitation.

When adding a company, you have an additional option to set their payment method, if you already have that information handy.

Don’t want to sync a specific record?

No problem, simply click Skip for now. You will be able to access skipped companies under the Skipped tab and sync them at a later time.

Syncing records from Routable to Sage Intacct

⭐️ Note: Syncing this direction only applies for customer and vendor records that you added to Routable before integrating your account with Sage Intacct.

Once your accounts are integrated, these records sync to Sage Intacct automatically when they are created in Routable.

On your integration page you'll see a list of companies that were created in Routable and are able to be synced over to Sage Intacct. It will look like this:

If you plan to pay or invoice these companies via Routable, select the Match button. Otherwise, select Skip.

When matching, select the record on Sage Intacct that you want to link the company with.

⭐️ Note: If it is both a vendor and a customer, you'll need to select both a vendor match and a customer match from Sage Intacct. Otherwise, you can select one and skip the other.

Once you click update, that company will be matched between Routable and Sage Intacct, ensuring that transactions between you and your vendor or customer are accurately recorded in your ledger.

You can see your matched companies by clicking the Matched tab under the Company settings section.

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