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Manage your payable settings
Manage your payable settings

Payable Configurations account settings allow you to adjust how your payables are created and sent.

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The Payable Configurations settings page gives you the ability to control how payables are created and sent at your company.

Note: these settings are only editable by account administrators

Line item display setting

Enabling this setting will display line items for all payments that you send to your vendors. They will be able to see line items on the payment confirmation page.

Example with this feature disabled (default setting)

Example with this feature enabled:

Note: Line item information will not be included in emails sent to your vendors.

Send on a specific date setting

Enabling this setting will ask you to provide a send date for all payables/receivables that you create ( this is the default behavior in Routable).

Disabling this setting will ensure that all payables and receivables will be created as Ready to Send by default instead and will not ask you to select a send date.

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