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Setting up your CSV template for bulk international payouts
Setting up your CSV template for bulk international payouts

How to upload CSV files into Routable to make domestic and international payments all at once

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What is an international mass payout?

International mass payout refers to sending funds to a large number of vendors located outside of the United States in bulk. Using this feature, you can upload a CSV file into Routable to make a number of domestic and international payments simultaneously.

⭐ Important: This feature is currently available only for Routable accounts with an Oracle NetSuite integration or accounts with no accounting software integration.

Preparing your international mass payout CSV file

In order to use the international mass payout feature, you’ll need to upload a CSV file containing all of the necessary details for each payable. Learn how to prepare your CSV file for upload and initiate a bulk payout below.

Download your unique CSV template

1️⃣ To download a CSV template that is unique to your account, click New in the top left menu of your Routable dashboard. Then, select CSV Upload.

2️⃣ Click Download Template to access your CSV template file.

3️⃣ Save this file to your local computer as a .csv file

🎗 Note: This template will be specific to your company configuration and may differ from our example

Example CSV Template Fields

For Routable accounts with no accounting software integrated, you can find a sample of the fields that will be available in your international payables CSV template at the bottom of this article.

Uploading your CSV file

1️⃣ Click New in the top left menu of your Routable dashboard and select CSV Upload.

2️⃣ On the next screen, click Upload file to select and upload your CSV file.

3️⃣ After uploading your file, Routable will run a quick check to validate data in the file. If there are any issues, we will display the list of errors on the page. You can also click the button to Download error report and get a file that identifies any errors

4️⃣ Once all issues in your file have been resolved, you will be able to Upload a new file with the revisions.

5️⃣ After passing the validation stage, you will move on to Review your upload. There, you will see a Summary of all payments that will be created with your upload, grouped by country, payment method, and delivery option.

⭐️ Tips for finding additional information on the Summary page:

  • Hovering over the globe icon in the total amount due column will allow you to see the current exchange rate and payment amount in local currency

  • Hovering over the list icon in the fees column will show you a breakdown of the estimated fees you’ll incur if you create the payments now

  • To see the full list of payments that will be created from the file, navigate to All payments tab.

6️⃣ If you’ve established Approval Settings for payables in your account and at least one payment in your CSV upload needs approval, you will move on to the Approvals step to designate approver(s).

7️⃣ At this stage, you’ll have one last chance to go back and make changes before clicking the button to Create payments.

8️⃣ After confirming, you’ll be able to see the status of your upload from your Account Settings page.

📥 You will be notified via email if there are any issues processing your file and you will also be notified once the upload has been successfully completed.

Sample CSV Template Fields

For Routable accounts with no accounting software integrated, below is a sample of the fields that will be available in your international payables CSV template.

* denotes a required field

Column Name

What is this?



Unique ID for each item to be uploaded. It must be unique across the history of uploaded items for your account to ensure that users don't create duplicate payables.


Vendor name*

May use either the Vendor Name or the Vendor ID in the Vendor Name field to identify the vendor on your payments. Must be exact match.

Washington Inc

Vendor contacts*

Vendor contact that should be notified to accept the payment

Vendor read-only contacts

Vendor contact that should be cc about the payment


Custom message that will be displayed to the vendor.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

External reference

An external reference ID that could be used for your API integration.


Due date

Due date of the bill. Dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format.


Issued date

Issued date of the bill. Dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format


Bill No.

Bill number



Payment Reference


Line item description*

Description of a line item in the bill. Minimum of 1 line item is required.

Saigon Cinnamon

Line item quantity

Quantity of a line item


Line item price*

Unit price of the line item, in currency of the bill


Line item amount*

Sub-total of a line item. Line item amount = line item quantity x line item price


Currency code

ISO_4217 currency code; required for international payment.


Purpose code

When initiating international payments, the central bank of the country may require a Purpose of Payment Code to be included with the transaction in order for payment to be accepted and processed.


Total amount*

Total amount of a payment, in currency of the bill.


Payment from*

Routable bank account ID from which your fund will be deducted for this payment. Finding your bank account ID?


Payment method*

international payment:


Domestic payment:

ACH, Check, or ACH,Check


ACH addenda

Optional record that provides supplemental data about a transaction simplify the reconciliation process.

Payor: WorldKitchen, Ref: Invoice No. A1101

Delivery Option*

international payment:

International ACH or SWIFT

Domestic ACH payment:

Standard ACH, Expedited ACH, NextDay ACH, SameDay ACH, Real-Time Payment (RTP)

Domestic Check payment:

USPS First-Class Check, USPS International First-Class Check, USPS Certified First-Class Check, USPS Priority Check, USPS Priority w. Signature Confirm Check, USPS Priority Express Check, FedEx Two Day Check, FedEx Next Day Check

Alternatively, use Default if you prefer Routable to determine the eligible best delivery option based on the primary payment method of the vendor. Use Choice if you prefer the vendor to select the payment method for the payment.

International ACH

Send on date

Date payment should be initiated. If provided, the date must be greater or equal to today’s date.

This date is required for international payment for now, but optional for domestic payment. When left blank the domestic payment will be created with “Ready to send” status.

Dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format


You can also view this data in a spreadsheet here.

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