The Multiple Currencies feature in Oracle NetSuite allows you to record transactions in currencies other than your company’s base currency. As a result, you will be able to import invoices and bills in these multiple currencies to Routable and manage these cross-border transactions right from your Routable dashboard.

Important: Since the base currency cannot be updated once a record has been saved, please make any changes to the base currency in Oracle NetSuite first.

Then, as an Oracle NetSuite user with Full Currency permissions, head over to your Oracle NetSuite account.

Step 1

Navigate to Setup ➡️ Company ➡️ Enable Features

Step 2

On the Company sub-tab, scroll down to International and check the Multiple Currencies box

Step 3

Click Save

Finishing up

Once the feature has been enabled, from your dashboard, go back to Lists ➡️ Accounting ➡️ Currencies

From here, make sure that the base currency for your company is set to YES and then you should be all set to start syncing and creating cross-border payments in Routable.

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