Your workspace name is displayed in menus and headings throughout Routable. It will usually be, or include, the name of your company.

Your workspace name is also used as the prefix for the URL, or web address, your members will use to access Routable.

You can rename or set a new workspace name and web address for your workspace at any time by contacting support via the in-app chat.

How can I change my workspace name?

If you get a new domain or rebrand your company, you might want to change the workspace name that is displayed in menus and headings, as well as the web address for your Routable account.

Once you've set up your workspace, you can change its name at any time by contacting support via the in-app chat.

When will the URL changes take effect?

Once your URL is changed by Routable, it will impact your workspace immediately. Your team members will be notified the next time they log into Routable.

☝️ Both old and future email links will still work, and your team will always be able to login via

Note: When you change your workspace URL, Routable will automatically redirect the old address to the new one for 60 days. After 60 days, your old URL will no longer redirect and your former workspace URL will become available to be registered and used by another Routable client.

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