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Sending international payments to international vendors
Sending international payments to international vendors

How to send payments to your vendors internationally

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How Routable sends international payments to your international vendors

Routable uses International ACH (local rail) and SWIFT (international wire) to send international payments from the United States to your vendors in 220+ countries and territories. International payments will reach your vendor within 1-3 business days.

📚 To see the countries and territories we support, along with their currencies, and the payment method you can use to make a payment to a vendor in each country or territory, please refer to our Help Article Which countries can I send international payments to?

How to begin sending international payments

Step 1: Enable international bank transfers

You can enable international payments two different ways:

  1. For existing users already connected to an accounting software or users without an accounting software integration, you can enable international payments in the Payment Methods settings

  2. For users connecting to their accounting software for the first time, we will ask you if you want to enable international payments as part of the integration workflow. We currently offer international payments sync with Netsuite, Quickbooks Online, and Xero) When you first integrate with your accounting software, we will ask if you want to enable international payments.

Step 2: Choose your sync preferences

If you are integrated or integrating with an accounting software and enabling international payments, we will ask you a couple more questions to set up how you want to sync these payments.

  1. Bill Currency Sync (Multi-Currency Sync)

  2. Base Currency Sync

You can find more information information on the two different types of syncs in the help article below or by reaching out to your dedicated customer success manager.

If choosing Base Currency Sync, we will ask you if you want us to create the FX gain/loss entry on your behalf. You can choose which account you would like us to post this to.

Learn more about how Routable handles realized gain/loss on the help article below.

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