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Enabling automatic batch payments
Enabling automatic batch payments

How to enable and use Routable's automatic batch payments feature

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Enabling the Automatically batch payments together setting in your Account Settings ➡️ Financial ➡️ Payables and Vendors page, will allow you to combine multiple similar bills from the same vendor into a single payment.

Note: The Automatically batch payments together toggle (as shown in the screenshot above) will only be available once the feature is activated by Routable,
at your request.

Requirements for sending batch payments

👍 Once this setting is enabled, the individual payments must meet the following criteria to automatically batch them together:

  • The vendor to whom you want to send batch payments must accept at least one payment method (bank transfer, check) from either a vendor registration invite or pending payment.

  • Each payment must be sent to the same vendor.

  • Each payment must be sent from the same bank account.

    • View your current bank accounts on your Account settings ➡️ Financial ➡️ Bank connections page

  • The vendor’s payment method (bank transfer or check, to the same receiving bank account) on each individual payment must be the same.

  • Payments must be sent or scheduled to send on the same date.

🚫 Please note the following potential conflicts:

  • The total sum of the batch payment must be within your current transaction limits.

    • View your current transaction limits on your Account settings ➡️ Financial ➡️ Payment methods ➡️ Transaction Limits page

    • If the total sum of the batch is above your transaction limit, multiple batches will be automatically created.

  • If a single payment fails for any reason, the whole batch will be stopped.

  • Sending batch payments to another registered Routable account is not yet supported.

  • International batch payments are not yet supported.

  • Batch payments must be scheduled in advance, if they are not scheduled they will not be batched.

How to Enable Automatic Batch Payments

📥 If you are interested in enabling the setting to automatically batch payments together, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our Technical Support team via the in-app chat tool.

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