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Managing Your Routable Account
Editing vendor and customer information
Editing vendor and customer information

How to edit your vendor and customer information.

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You can manage the general info for your vendors and customers from their Company profile page under the About tab

screenshot showing the company info page in Routable

For editing a vendor or customer's general information, you should click the edit icon at the right side of the screen and then you will be able to edit the following information:

  • Display name

  • Legal business name

  • accounting profile name (if accounting software is connected is connected)

  • Edit unique id if it exists or add a unique id

⭐️ Make sure you click Update General Info to save the changes.

Editing Legal business name

You can use the display name for the legal business name by checking the box “use display name” or edit it directly, as shown in the screenshot below:

⭐️ Any changes to the legal name will be updated on all the payables and receivables with status - Pending, Ready to Send, Scheduled, and Need Approval. Payments in initiated, or processing will not be updated.

⭐️ Please bear in mind that the changes will be synced with the connected accounting software if the legal name changes setting is ON

Editing Accounting Software profile name

Similar to the legal business name, you can use the display name for the accounting software profile name by checking the use display name box to pull in the display name, or unchecking that box to edit it directly. The changes will be synced with the information for this vendor or customer in your accounting software.

Enabling settings to allow for editing Accounting Profile Name

⭐ There is an account setting which you will need to turn ON to enable the editing of Accounting Profile Names. This setting is disabled by default.

You can find and enable this setting by navigating to Account Settings

  1. Locate your name at the bottom of the menu to the left side of the dashboard

  2. Click your name to open a small menu where you can select Account Settings

  3. Select Account > Integrations > Manage Integration

  4. Scroll down to find Sync Settings and locate the toggle to enable Accounting Profile Name changes

☝️ Follow the same steps and move the toggle to the OFF position to disable Accounting Profile Name changes, should you ever need to.

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