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Requesting tax information from vendors
Requesting tax information from vendors

How to send requests for tax info to vendors individually or in bulk (and what the vendor sees when receiving such a request)

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When you're ready to collect tax information, you can send a request to an individual vendor or to all vendors from your Routable dashboard.

๐Ÿ” Team members with an administrator, creator, or vendor and customer manager role will be send these requests to vendors.

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How to send bulk requests for tax info from all vendors

From your dashboard navigate to Companies > Vendors tab and at the top of the Vendors table click the Request tax info button. Your vendors who have not yet provided a W-9 or W-8 through Routable will receive an invitation to submit their tax information.

Request tax information from an individual vendor

To start, head over to your Companies > Vendors page and choose the vendor you want to request tax information from.

On the company page, navigate to the Tax and Docs tab and click the Request from vendor button.

Then, your vendor should get an email to add their tax information. Once your vendor adds and submits their information, you will see the status of your request along with the date submitted and who submitted it. Admins will also have the ability to download the document and view the submitted tax information.

What will the vendor experience look like?

Once the request is sent, your vendor will receive an email inviting them to provide the appropriate tax information. You can see below what the invite email will look like and what the subsequent steps to submit their tax info will entail.

๐Ÿ“ Based upon the registered address of the vendor, they'll be asked to submit a W9 (based in the US) or a W8 (based outside the US). Vendors can provide the information in their tax form or choose to upload a .PDF of the file.

โœ… Once the information is submitted, the vendor will see a confirmation screen.

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